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We offer a £100 fixed price solution to your blocked sink, toilet or drain.


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"I had a blocked washing machine pipe running down and concealed behind our two-storey building fabric. I tried snaking it to no avail and was prepared to run a new pipeline instead. Mohammad put his magic into action and resolved the blockage in a matter of minutes!"​  - J.Monick

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The drainage system within a building is made of an interconnected network of soil and waste pipes that carry the waste products away under the force of gravity. 


When you flush your toilets or drain water down a sink or a bathtub, water is pulled down under gravity. The drain pipes need to have correctly angled slopes to aid the waste down under gravity. The pipes also need to be clipped and supported at the right intervals to prevent them from bending and sagging. 


Air also needs to be admitted in and out of the drainage system through a vent at the highest point (usually above roof level) to counter pressure fluctuations caused by water movements.


Since, the force of gravity is limited, if a thick layer of dirt or hair clogs up inside the pipework (especially in narrower branches or around bends) the drains may get blocked or allow very little water through. Things to especially look out for and avoid putting down the drain are:


  • Baby wipes

  • Sanitary products

  • Cotton buds or pads


The blockage may be many metres deep down a pipe and a plumber/drain snake often fails to reach far out or across many joints. 

  • Coffee grounds

  • Grease, fats or oils

  • Hair

Likewise, the use of strong unclogging chemicals are harmful to your health and damaging to the environment. The breaking down reactions by these chemicals also create an abundance of heat given off that could cause the plastic pipes to soften/melt in places, resulting in potential leaks in the building fabric. Also, if the blockage was far down a pipe, many litres of water on top of it would dilute the chemicals down, making them ineffective in breaking down the blockage.





Rather than using plumber’s snake or drain unclogging chemicals, we primarily use a special pressure machine which sends a shockwave down the pipe, building pressure behind the congestion in the pipe and forcing it all the way down and out. 

Our method is far more superior and environmentally friendly. It’s also so much quicker and more effective. Only in the event of this method failing do we resort to the conventional methods of drain un-blocking.

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If the problem persists, you may have a blocked manhole. A blocked manhole must be unclogged using specialist pressure jet washers and hose attachments. We offer drain jetting through our partner company for a fixed price of £150.

Other severe blockages may be caused by tree roots growing inside sewage lines, in which case you may be required to dig up and replace sections of your drain pipes. This is usually preceded by a full CCTV drains survey, also offered through our partner company.

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