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At London Heating Expert, our main focus is on customer satisfaction and repeat business, rather than a hit and run strategy. We believe that a successful business will grow better by customer referrals and repeat business. Whilst others might try to hook you in with low service charges, price is not everything and trying to compete with the lowest market prices may result in sacrificing quality. That's why we aim to offer you the best deal, both in terms of quality and price, and this is reflected in our online Reviews.

It is hard to set fix prices for different jobs, as each job could be unique in its own right. However, based on an estimate of the time and effort involved, London Heating Expert has tried to set fix prices for predictable routine jobs. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to better plan ahead.

Please note that there is a surcharge of £40 for job bookings starting after 7pm. Jobs booked within Central London's Congestion Area also carry a surcharge of £80.

Below, you will find fixed charges for some of the services we offer. The prices reflect the charges at the time of your booking and may change subject to supply and demand in the service market. You may always get in touch to get job specific quotations.

We've tried to keep our charges as low as possible. Therefore, it must be noted that any parking charges incurred are payable by the client. Please ensure provisions are made for the engineer's parking and/or you are prepared to pay for the parking charges.

Currently no VAT is applicable to our prices, so it may be assumed that the prices are VAT inclusive.

Call Ou


The engineer will visit your premises to investigate and/or diagnose your specific problem. A minimum charge of £120 or £160 (depending on the time of service) applies to every diagnostic session, which has to be paid in advance. Call Outs before 7pm are charged £120 for the first hour. After 7pm, a surcharge of £40 applies.

Should the engineer need to spend any extra time during this diagnosis session, this will be charged at £80/hour, after the first hour. Depending on the complexity of the fault, it may take more than an hour to diagnose the problem. You'll have the option to specify the maximum number of hours that you'd be willing to pay for the engineer to investigate on the matter.

Once the problem and its likely cause has been determined, the engineer will suggest a fix and advise you of its cost. If the remedial work needs a separate booking, e.g. because spare parts are needed, the engineer will quote you for the full job and set a new date for the work to be done.



plumbing 2.png


We offer a fixed price drain unclog service, using a specialist pressure machine that unblocks your waste by sending water shock waves down the pipes to clear blockages.

​This is a very environmentally friendly and effective method that out-performs any other drain unclogging method. That's why we're able to offer you a fixed-price guarantee on this service. Unblocking kitchen and utility sinks, wash basins, washing machine drains and toilets are all charged only £100.

If your manhole is backed up, however, we offer a drain jetting service for £150, through our drains specialist partner company. 



This is a unique and unrivalled service offered at a very competitive price. A whole day is dedicated to give your central heating system and radiators a thorough clean using our own unique and custom built power flush machine, so that it's cleared of all the sludge build up in the system. A power flush may be required for a warranty on your boiler installation and repair service as well.

The price is inclusive of cleaning chemicals and inhibitor, for a system of up to 12 radiators. For considerably smaller systems, i.e. 7 radiators, use coupon code "7ORLESS" during your online checkout.

For larger systems, we charge £25 extra for each additional radiator. So a system of 16 radiators, is considered to have 4 additional radiators and a surcharge of £100 will apply.



A regular service is charged at £120 + parts and includes checking your boiler for safe operation, cleaning and servicing of system components. This would include cleaning any magnetic filters installed on the system and the condensate traps in condensing boilers, as well as making adjustment to gas valves as required by the manufacturer of the appliance.


The check up of your boiler may reveal that a full strip down of the heat exchanger may be required for cleaning inside. This will be charged at £180 labour + parts.


We offer a price-capped boiler repair service. Here you are booking for the initial diagnosis session. A minimum charge of £120 or £160 (depending on the time of service) applies to every diagnostic session, which has to be paid in advance. Call Outs before 7pm are charged £120 for the first hour. After 7pm, a surcharge of £40 applies. The estimated cost of the repair and parts will be determined based on the results of the diagnosis.

The actual cost of repair will depend on the actual number of hours taken by the repair. These are charged at £80/h and capped at £280, plus the cost of parts.


In any case, if your boiler cannot be repaired, we offer you up to £200 of your repair costs as credit towards replacing your boiler with us.

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